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The protein content of breast milk alters after c – section

What does this mean? What can you do about this? Is it important to you? I answer all the questions and yes it could be very important to you, especially if you find your baby snacking off you a lot and seems unsatisfied with your milk.

Dealing with colic? The least talked about cause

In this video I talk about a cause of colic that I rate as one of the most common causes I see daily, yet I have NEVER seen it mentioned anywhere else.

Breast feeding difficulties? A little known yet extremely common cause

I see daily a cause of breast feeding difficulties that mothers have NEVER had explained to them. What is important is that it isn’t your fault. If you are struggling this may really help you understand more.

Colic and migraine linked

Research has shown that migraine in older children can be linked to them having colic when they were babies. I have a bit of a slant in my thinking on this. Watch this video to find out more. I have also Blogged on this topic too.

Does your colicky baby have lots of hiccups?

Anatomically, the nerve to the diaphragm comes from the neck. If this nerve is irritated then it can cause the diaphragm to spasm more easily producing hiccups! This is an osteopathic principle that can guide the cranial osteopath in treating your colicky baby.

Calming Colic explains more on this topic and covers the many other CAUSES behind your babies colic and how to help them. Helping your baby sleep like a baby!

The breast feeding mother. Do you have a hungry baby?

Colic Help

Cathy’s baby Testimonial

Cathy explains how Christian’s treatment and advice from the Calming Colic book help her baby settle, sleep and breastfeed successfully.