Online Group Zoom Call with Christian



The next Zoom is:

10.30 am, Wednesday 24th January (UK time)

An online group Zoom call with Christian Bates. The call will start with Christian explaining how babies become colicky, windy, have reflux and real the reasons for excessively crying.

Then Christian will explain the most common triggers and how to help them. Each person coming will get a quick quiz to fill out before the Zoom call and you can ask questions in that quiz. Then Christian can work through everyones questions and look into delivery types and how they trigger colic.

In this way he can help everyone as best as possible on the call.

You will also get access to to all of his downloadable ebooks and full video library worth £99.

The Zoom call will be recorded and you will have access to repeat watch or watch if you missed the call or are on a different time zone.


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