3 day meal plan analysis for new mums and breastfeeding mums


3 day diet plan with full analysis for the new mum and breastfeeding mum

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Have you wondered if what you are eating is nourishing you back to health or your nourishing your breast milk for your baby? Wonder no more. I offer this service to analyse a 3 day meal plan from you. You will do this on an app that I will give you access too. It’s very easy and totally amazing by the way! Your plan will be automatically updated to me where I will analyse it against a worldwide nutrient database to see if you eating well enough for yourself and your baby. If anything is out of balance I will highlight it for you and show you what foods to eat to up your intake if needed or highlight the foods that have sent you over the top.

You will find out your average calories, protein, fat, carbs, sugar, fats vitamins and minerals and more.

It will also show important nutrients for our baby if you are breastfeeding. For example the fat called DHA which helps their brain development.

This is so valuable for you! And it is incredibly revealing. This is the same system I used to analyse the new mum food diaries that I wrote about in 2 of my ebooks.

This service is £29.99 which you can purchase or it is free when you purchase all my ebooks for £14.99. So you may as well get all my 20 years of experience helping mothers and babies and then get this for free too!

Once you make the purchase I will email you a link for the app for you to enter your foods into.

Here’s the link for all the books if you’d like to save money —> Click here


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