Online Colic Help

Are you desperate to help your crying baby?

Do you not understand why they are crying and feel helpless?

My online baby help course has answers for you.

It’s quick and easy for you comprising of short help videos that get straight to the point. You’ll understand WHY your baby has colic, reflux, is crying and screaming and how to help them.

A bit about me, but very short as I know you don’t have time for this!

My name is Christian Bates, I have been helping parents and babies for over 25 years. I am an osteopath and a naturopath. I have two gorgeous boys myself, way past colic age now!

I have seen 1000’s and 1000’s of babies and helped them using exactly what I explain in the videos and ebooks in this online course. It’s what I do at work day in day out.

Everyday I look at research to help babies and listen to what mums have to say.

And I mean I really LISTEN.

Then I take that and put it into a short video and then it goes into my course to help you and your baby. I’ve been doing this for years now and it’s added up to a library of videos answering just about every questions you could have.

Anything helpful I pass to you.

Everything I recommend stays the same. Because it works.

You’ve probably heard so many different things from every professionals and often they even contradict each other. I don’t do that. What I suggest stays the same as it works and it’s true.

When you watch my videos you’ll understand what I mean.

You’ll immediately know that what I’m saying is true because it will makes sense to you!

Anyway, enough from me, it’s better that you hear from mums that have used my course or books or seen me personally for treatment. Have a read below, I have many, many more of these reviews.

Also have a watch of a couple of my videos too, if you think I make sense in these then you’ll find my other videos helpful too.

Finally a big congratulations to you and your family, Christian

Is Your Baby Crying And You Don’t Know Why?

This is the most important thing to get across to you. Colic is a symptom. What I help you do is find the CAUSE of your baby crying. Then we fix that. For example, a massive colic trigger is antibiotics. I have a whole section on this and what to do to correct it.

Have a watch of a couple of my videos from the course –>

The first is about the myths of colic and the unhelpful advice you have probably heard.

Some of the things my course covers…

  The CAUSES of colic and how to fix

  How to help reflux

  A major cause of breastfeeding problems you haven’t been told

  Why your baby hates laying on their back

  Helping the milk allergy baby in the best way

  Foods that trigger colic if breastfeeding

  All the myths about a colic baby like”All babies cry”

  Formula changes help

  The truth about your babies poo’s!

  Why helping your baby now protects their FUTURE health

  And absolutely loads more (100 videos & 6 ebooks)

Have you heard these UNHELPFUL bits of advice? I call these the “myths” and I have a section of videos going through each one explaining why they are wrong and then the actual truth. I am extremely sure you will agree with what I have to say.

🥺 All babies cry, so don’t worry it’s normal

🥺 Wait 12 weeks and they get better, so don’t worry just wait

🥺 Your baby having loads of poo’s every day is normal

🥺 Or… Hardly any poo’s is normal (but your baby seems in pain!)

🥺 Antibiotics don’t affect your baby (wait… but they affect adults…)

🥺 You have to hold new babies all the time (but your friends baby doesn’t have to be held!)

🥺 It’s the 4th Trimester so of course they want to be help

🥺 Breast fed babies don’t need winding

🥺 Colic doesn’t exist

Etc, etc..

I think my course is amazing 🙂 But don’t take my word for it read what mum’s, midwives and Doctors think of my baby help

“So informative and insightful, it holds a wealth of knowledge you can access at your leisure. This is a fantastic resource for new parents”

Emma Mills, Private Midwife of over 20 years

I didn’t have the time and was too stressed to read book all the books I had bought to help Jesse. I just needed something quick! I bought so many baby books and didn’t read any of them. Christian’s videos are easy to follow and the information was exactly what I needed. After being induced and then having an emergency c-section it was great to have all the advice and tips in one video. I had help literally in 10 minutes.

Mrs SN & baby JN

I can’t believe that I hadn’t been told any of the information I learnt in Christian’s course. Why is it that I had seen so many health visitors, doctors and others and they all told me different things and ways to help that did nothing! It was only when I watched Christian’s videos that I actually got answers that made sense. Thank you!

Mrs RTalmondo

It’s like NCT but online, way cheaper and tells you tons more helpful things about your baby that you need to know. Especially if they are crying and you don’t understand why

Christian Bates – Okay, so this review is from me. But I had to put it in as it’s true. 🙂 

“Dear Christian, I thought your book was well written, easy to read but most importantly well researched and referenced. As a doctor I found it reassuring to see the evidence laid out for me to see. I can also see how a non medic would be able to show this book to a midwife, health visitor or GP and get them to understand your theories. I think this book should be recommended at every antenatal class!”

Dr Moran BSc(Hons), MBBS, MAPCS, FANZCA, FCAI, EDRA, PG pClin Ed

I believe that what Christian did got rid of the witching hour and made my baby more relaxed, as a consequence myself and my husband are far more relaxed and this has meant more parts of life with a new baby have fallen into place.

Anna, HH

Calming Colic made it easy to understand what was happening to my baby boy. Understanding it is the biggest step towards curing it. My boy had colic and Reflux. I have passed on this book to all my friends as it should be given out by GPs and midwives.

I teach baby massage classes and I recommend this book to all my mothers especially those who have babies with colic or reflux.

My son had terrible problems feeding from just a few weeks old and it started to affect his weight gain. After weeks of doctor and health visitor appointments and every trick in the book to deal with what we thought was colic or reflux, we came to see Christian. The difference in Elliot after one appointment was amazing. We were given probiotic drops and in the space of one week Elliot is thriving. The osteopathy also helped loosen him up and relax him.We couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends.

Susan, Haywards Heath

I would like to thank you for your course. It has been a lifesaver! At 3 weeks our daughter developed colic. What a nightmare. I never realised how hard a colicky baby could be. I searched the internet for advice but it was all so non-specific. Then my father appeared with your book when our daughter was 5 weeks old and we haven’t had a problem since.


Calming Colic made it easy to understand what was happening to my baby boy. Understanding it is the biggest step towards curing it. My boy had colic and Reflux. Rather than using the useless medicines prescribed, I swore by Cranial Osteopathy as recommended in Calming Colic. The most invaluable advice was given about taking probiotics following a course of antibiotics, this really helped. I have passed on this book to all my friends as it should be given out by GPs and midwives.


COLIC. The truth. Have watch

You can purchase my whole online colic help solution below for only £29.

It’s really great value! It has 26 years of my experience in it.

Lastly, let me say Congratulations on your baby!