Because you had antibiotics watch these selected videos from my online course

Watch this about antibiotics…

And watch this one about the longterm detrimental affects of antibiotics… (That you can correct!)

Now watch this about Probiotics it’s how you correct antibiotics side effects and really help your baby

These are the probiotics I use with most babies. For a 10% discount on all supplements enter the code: %10%course%

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If you found this interesting I have loads and loads more help for you and your baby’s health in my online course. Watch this to learn more.

My course includes help with these. It has 7 ebooks books and handouts and over 100 short videos directed at helping you and your baby.

  • The Truth about colic
  • Helping wind
  • The myths mums are told about their baby
  • Calming and sleep help
  • Reflux help
  • Allergy help
  • Probiotics
  • The science of Calming Colic
  • Foods that aggravate a baby’s wind
  • Food plan for a healthy mum
  • Formula changes
  • Breastfeeding help
  • Preparing for another baby
  • Colic prevention
  • All my ebooks including Calming Colic my full book as a download
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